Jérôme Gangneux

PHP Developer
Paris, available in May 2019
33 years old (French)

Professional Experience

August 17 – Dec 18
Vancouver, Canada
Built a web service from scratch and managed all aspects from technical to user support
LAMP with Symfony4, Javascript, Stripe, Chromeless Browser
June 16 – June 17
Paris, France
Hacker in residence for Augment.com
Android Prototyping & User testing, Developer experience
Responsible of the official developer website and samples
Jan 16 – May 16
Paris, France
Technical Lead at Whask
Helped Whask to internalize the technical parts to iterate more quickly
Developed native iOS/Android applications and managed one intern
Oct 14 – Dec 15
Paris, France
Technical Lead at Budeal & MrSmartphone
Built native iOS/Android and Web applications (featured on the App Store)
Part of the Paris NUMA incubator season 7
Budeal pivoted to Mr Smartphone
July 12 – Oct 14
Paris, France
Backend Architect at Webedia
Designed the backend architecture for academiedugout.fr
LAMP with Symfony2, Redis
Backend Developer at Newsring.fr
Developed features for the website using Kohana framework, then migrated to Symfony2
Newsring was acquired by Webedia
July 10 – July 12
Paris, France
Founder at Citroon.com
Worked on my own startup citroon.com: An Android SMS messaging App
XMPP, Android, LAMP

Sep 08 – July 10
Paris, France
Developer at Netvibes
R&D about SQL databases vs. NoSQL
Built the new PHP feed backend
Oct 07 – Mar 08
Perth, Australia
Developer at TheBroth
Worked on Facebook games scaling the existing codebase for million of users.

Computer Sciences Skills

Web Technologies LAMP, PHP Frameworks, Symfony 4 Flex
Javascript Frameworks, CSS Frameworks
API: Twitter, Dropbox, Algolia, Stripe and more
Database MySQL, SQLite, Redis, Mongo
Mobile iOS: Objective-c, Swift (20+ apps in the App Store)
Android: Java, Kotlin (15+ apps in the Play Store)
Operating Systems macOS, Linux


2004 – 2007 Bachelor in Information Technology at the Computer Science
department of Paris XI University
Languages French Native, English Fluent


I like helping people understand code, I even made an online course so anyone could bootstrap a web service from scratch (based on a working example).
I love Generative Art and I try to make some pieces myself (images and music).
more about me on my personal website: jerome.gangneux.net/art