Artistic and technical projects I have worked on.

Alchemy Quest

Unity iOS Android game 2019

The pleasure of an Alchemy game while adding the exploration part of an RPG. Stroll around, collect elements and combine to find them all!

Thread Reader App

PHP LAMP 2017-2018

Thread Reader helps you discover great content with more than 300k+ Threads unrolled.
This project has been acquired

Android Webview Texture

Unity VR Android 2017

[ARCHIVED] This is a working Webview Texture (VR compatible) for Android (Unity asset).

Live Image Mix Experiments

Unity Javascript MIDI 2017

Video, music and code. Experimentations with live video glitch and other audio signal processing... (open source)


iMovie Scripting started 2011

GIFCRASH are video created with GIF found on the Internet mixed with music.


iOS Swift 2 Hackathon 2016

THTR offers a very interactive experience of plays reading. Immerse yourself in the play like you were talking this the characters.


iOS Swift 2 Android Firebase 2016

In the classroom, with your friends, at the movies… With Whask, a swipe is enough to share your opinion.

1 image/second

PHP Scripting 2016

Get the tone of a movie in one image auto generated (source code available) with a screenshot every second. Discover Aladin, The Matrix and Starwars with fresh eyes.


Ableton Live Korg MIDI started 2016

Musical experiments, multiple testing...


javascript PHP 2015

This is the result if you take a line of one pixel and stretch it on the full width. Source code and interactive website available.

Mr Smartphone

iOS Symfony 2015

The only App to buy or sell your second hand iPhones

i love promo

iOS Android MySQL 2014

Mobile Application to Swipe Shop trends and sales


iOS Android Symfony 2014

Budeal is a mobile application for classified ads. It adds a social aspect that did not exist.

Analog Photography

photography 2012

This is a selection of my analog photography, taken with multiple cameras, from the Minolta to the Diana in plastic, through the Horizon and the 360.

My Laboratory Game

iOS Android 2012

★★★ Discover a new additive and fun puzzle game ★★★


LAMP Javascript HTML CSS 2012

Cosmoz was a blogging platform for creative people, it included ecommerce in its heart to sell physical or digital goods.

We heart projects

Coordination 2012

We Heart Projects was a collective born from the need to formalize the Week-end do project federating a bunch of recurring people.


XMPP Erlang LAMP Javascript 2011

Citroon is a website that allow people to control an Android smartphone and especially the SMS part.

Symfony LAMP Redis 2011

Grabbbbit is a copycat of ffffound with more functionalities, for example, grabbing videos.


Organisation 2011

Week-end do(s) are startup week-end but between friends.

Fact and font

photography typography 2010

Fun facts, written in multiple typographies.


LAMP Symfony 2010

Allobars was a directory of Parisian, it has a great search engine.