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What is Glitch Clip?

Create generative videos thanks to artsy visual effects (kaleidoscope, mosaic, twist and 20+ more) or use Glitch Clip to make creative VJing shows with live music.




This documentation is for the 1.4 version
Checkout Glitch Clip Roadmap

User Interface


The UI is easy, on the left you have the effect groups list, choose one and then on the bottom you will find the corresponding effects.
An effect can either be a slider effect where you can change the intensity of the effect, or a button effect where you can activate/deactivate the given effect.

As version 1.4: On the right you have 4 entries, quite explicit.
In Menu you will find the Reset and Random actions

Change Clip / Clip Manager

The Change Clip group allows you to:
- change the current clip (for the current Slot)
- change the active Slot A or B (see below for more information)
- open the Clip Manager

About "Blend A/B"

The Blend A/B effect group has a Fade slider and different blending modes

Choose two clips, one in Slot A and one in Slot B (by activating Slot B), then you can fade from Slot A to Slot B or if a blending mode is activated you will have it applied between your two Slots.
With the Expert Mode you can bind the Fade effect to a MIDI knob an understand its full potential!

Note: if you select the same clip for both slots, they will be synchronized (minus one frame) that will give you some cool effect when playing with blend mode!


Of course you did not missed the red record button, it's usage is easy, tap on it to start a screen recording then tap again to stop.
You can use the App as usual while recording, the UI won't show on the final video.

You will find the resulting video on your iPad Gallery, ready to be shared!

Show/hide user interface

If you hided the user interface (UI) and can not find the button to show it back, tap on the screen with 3 fingers!

Expert Mode

With an In-App purchase you can activate the Expert Mode

It will allow you to connect a MIDI device to your iPad (or even a simple keyboard) and bind keys/knobs to a specific effect.

With the expert mode you will understand the true power of this App. You will enjoy making live video mix!

You don't have a MIDI controller?
Check Out Expert Mode with a Keyboard

How it works?

To bind a key/knob to an effect, go to its effect group and tap on its name (right under the button/slider). The name will turn red, now you should type on the key/pad (or turn your knob). The App will then associate this entry to that effect.
You can also associate a clip to a key!

To remove it, either associate that entry to another effect. Or tap on the name, and tap again without touching a key/pad/knob.

Expert Options

With the expert mode you also have a few advanced options that are accessible in the "Setting" group with the "Expert" button.

Here you can choose for some binding presets:

Import clips

Import from Giphy

You can navigate to the Giphy tab and make a search here,
tap on the one you like, check the preview.
If it's fine for you tap "import" and you go your new clip!

Import your clips


Glitch Clip works with a very specific video format:
It's 10 seconds maximum / 640 x 480px / 25 FPS.

If your video source is different, the importer will try to convert it: longer video will be cut (to 10 seconds) and if needed will be resized (to 640 x 480px)
The importer will alway assume that you are using a 25 FPS video source or less.

Alright, got your file?

Let's import, it's quite easy:

  1. When you have the video file, copy it in the File App in your iPad
  2. Move it to the Glitch Clip directory (first level)
  3. You should now see that video in the Video Manager (File tab) inside the Glitch Clip App itself.
  4. Tap on it to import

You can also import static JPG or PNG images with the same process

What about GIF?

Unfortunately for now GIF are not supported, I tried at first, but I find out that GIF is an horribly hard image format and most of the time it did not work as expected so I prefer to remove GIF import for now.

But you want to know my little secret?
Upload your GIF on giphy and then get it from the search!


Glitch Clip is build for performances first because the App is used for live VJing that need maximum reactivity.

This means that it has some limitations to maintain that level of responsiveness:

That also means the effect stack is ordered a certain way and not another, some effects are very intensive for the App and need to be handled at a specific place in the stack.
Note that some other effects are at that position on the stack for artistic reason. Positions could change over versions.


Found a bug, got a question? Contact me at [email protected]

I will also enjoy any kind of chat about glitch, about VJing and anything you have made with the App!


Glitch Clip is a paying App, so we don't need and we don't want to get your personal data and monetize it.

Glitch Clip do not collect personal data, do not store anything about you.
The only exception is: if you make an in-app purchase, we are storing this information for analytics purpose only, and that the only thing Glitch Clip is getting from you. Ever. Period.

If you contact the support for a bug or a question, your email and address will be deleted when the conversation has ended or problem is solved.

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