How to play?

This game use multiple existing concepts.
For now it is desktop only, use arrows keys to get started.

Moving: First of all it uses a grid and you should move items to merge them, it is based on the same mechanic as 2048. Use arrows keys to get merge same symbol items together. When an item is level 10 or more you can collect it.

Constructs: When you have enougth wood/rock/gold/food you can add construct on the board. These constructs will help you to progress through the game.

Goal: The goal is to get the maximum of soldier so you are ready for the invasion (this part is not yet implemented, but basically you will have invasion of enemy every 10 minutes or so)

Personal goal with this project

Read more about it here

Inspiration: Cavemania, checkout here Google play store

Part one: Collect and build

Basic version 1
Merge similar symbole and collect them. Add some constrcut to get extra item at each turn
Construct upgrade items 1.0
Variante of the basic version: here a construct will not give you extra items at each turn but new items will start at an upgraded level
Soldiers are items 1.1
Variante of version 1.0: here soldiers are items like other and starts to pop when you add your first barrack
Item at 10 or more can not merge 1.2
Variante of version 1.1: here an item at level 10 or more must be collected as it can not merge anymore and will block you
Mandatory Headquarter 1.3
Variante of version 1.2: At turn 10 you are asked to place your headquarter
Not 2048 but drag and merge 1.4
Based on version 1.3: You should drag and merge elements yourself. Not 2048 based movement anymore
Not 2048 but match-3 1.5
Based on version 1.3: You should swipe elements and when 3 or more are alignied they merge

Part two: Fight

Basic version 2
This is based on variante 1.3: