My Laboratory Game


In 2012 we started a new project with Damien and Julie: My Laboratory.
A classic alchemy game, mix elements and find new ones.

Over the two years that we supported the game we got about 200 000 downloads.
A good community was playing and participating on our social supports.

The game is still online today and works quite well but it has no more support.

We also worked on a sequel but it has been abandoned.

My role

This was my first project on iOS (and then my first on Android).

The game do not use any framework, it is developed with objectivec and UIKit, same goes for Android, no framework.

I started this project to learn iOS, which I did tanks to the online courses of Stanford University.

Julie did most of the illustrations, helped by Damien.
Damien did the app design and all the identity.
Damien and I both did marketing and community management.

From the Google Play Store:

★★★ Discover a new additive and fun puzzle game ★★★
★★★ A must have with lots of hours of playing ★★★

Our world is coming to an end! Take a ride on your rocket with your tiny laboratory…

Your tools: air, earth, fire and water
Your goal: colonize a new planet

Mix elements to create 200+ new ones. You can create humans, cars, birds and even a nyancat and a double rainbow OMG!

Challenge your friends and be the first to create the entire new world!


  • 219 awesome elements to create
  • Amazing illustrations that help you in your colonization will
  • Very easy drag and drop game-play
  • Hours of playing

And if you’re stuck don’t forget to check the “stories” to get clues.
Or if you’re really stuck, you can have tips :)

The game has been removed from the stores.

Press release

PARIS - FRANCE - June 7, 2012

We heart projects is proud to announce the release of My laboratory, a puzzle game for iPhone. In this game, players embody a scientist who leave our planet to create an entire colorful new world outta space.

To reach his goal, he has 4 basic elements (air, earth, fire and water) he must combine to discover new ones, for example metal, cars, birds, beer and even a nyancat and a double rainbow. From this point, players can create up to 200 illustrated elements by mixing in a logical way.

Earth + earth would make hills, earth + water would make mud etc. But mud + hills won’t do anything so that brings the player to think of what to do before doing it.

Great universe and design

My laboratory is a fresh designed game, with a clean and neat interface. It features a powerful drag and drop system which makes the game very easy to use.

Players will enjoy its 200 original elements and sure want to find them all. Some elements are really important to continue, for example: energy, submarine volcano, engine, animals, seeds... When important elements are found, it unlocks achievements which are cool illustrated clues that help to discover other awesome elements.

All that work is an original creation and we are going to make goodies of it.

New indie production

My laboratory is an independent production made by 3 passionate people from France. It was a hard work but the result is nice and beautiful vast universe.

Casual game

My laboratory is a casual game, but not a stupid one. Players will have to brainstorm hard to win. It is logical and players will enjoy it, especially when they will find the unicorn :D

This is the perfect game to relax at the beach while getting a nice tan...

Actual press release file

Christmas edition

New elements to find in the Christmas edition!

My Laboratory Quest concept

With Julie we worked on a sequel to the game, with a very ambitious new concept that married RPG gaming and alchemy, unfortunately the project did not see the light of the day.