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The state of hybrid Mobile App development

Mar 8, 2017

Because I test all the technologies I can, as part of my job — and passion, people often ask me my thoughts on hybrid versus native mobile development. Let's see... (read more)

I'm learning VR (part 8)

Mar 6, 2017

Last time I set very ambitious goals, let's see what happen (teaser alert: not much) (read more)

I'm learning VR (part 7)

Feb 20, 2017

Back from a small break, I also moved (still in Paris for now), let's see what's new in my VR exploration! (read more)

I'm learning VR (part 6)

Jan 23, 2017

As you can imagine, I am not only developing for VR but also testing a lot things. From hardware to software, I try my best to access many experimentations. (read more)