Artistic projects, often close to generative art (source code available).

Live Image Mix Experiments


Video, music and code. Experimentations with live video glitch and other audio signal processing... (open source)


started 2011

GIFCRASH are video created with GIF found on the Internet mixed with music.

1 image/second


Get the tone of a movie in one image auto generated (source code available) with a screenshot every second. Discover Aladin, The Matrix and Starwars with fresh eyes.


started 2016

Musical experiments, multiple testing...



This is the result if you take a line of one pixel and stretch it on the full width. Source code and interactive website available.

Le Temps et les Diamants

2015 french

Une soirée d'écriture automatique et de gribouillages divers. Le titre est révélateur.

Analog Photography

This is a selection of my analog photography, taken with multiple cameras, from the Minolta to the Diana in plastic, through the Horizon and the 360.

Fact and font


Fun facts, written in multiple typographies.


Day-to-day photography kind of like my own Instragram