Alchemy Quest

March 1, 2019


The pleasure of an Alchemy game while adding the exploration part of an RPG.
Stroll around, collect elements and combine to find them all!

Download the game on iOS

With Alchemy Quest explore multiple worlds where life has mysteriously disappeared. Collect items found here and there, combine them to find missing ones and bring these lands back to life. Solve puzzles to move from one level to another.

You will meet various characters who will help you in your quest, starting with the Mage who is responsible for this mess.

Alchemy Quest is in between an Alchemy game and an RPG, this game is accessible to all. Moving around is very simple: touch the screen and the character goes there. The combinatorial mode is integrated in the RPG mode so that the game stay homogeneous.


Short version:
Alchemy Quest do not use any of your personal information

Long version:
Alchemy Quest do not collect your personal information, do not contact any external service.
You can play without Internet access.
Alchemy Quest is a paying game and has no vocation to make money with your data.


If you have any question or suggestion please contact me by mail at: [email protected]