Learning VR (part 7)

February 20, 2017

Back from a small break — I also moved (still in Paris for now) — let's see what's new in my VR exploration!

Unity Asset

As you may know, I am publishing my VR Webview as a Unity Asset.

Unity Assets are manually reviewed, and it takes time, too much time. It's been more than 2 weeks and my asset is not reviewed.

I'm used to these kinds of validation process, because as an Apple developer I had to go through that too, but to be honest two weeks is way too much. I will send an email this afternoon to check how it goes.

Hopefully next week my VR Webview will be online, and I'll talk about it here.

VRTracker: radio silence

I tried to contact the people behind VRTracker, but I got no answer, that's sad.
If I understand well they are rewriting everything — and IMHO it is a classic startup mistake — while not responding to interested persons.
Or is it vaporware?

Anyway, not getting answers challenged me to find another way to get the same result (tracking in space).

Pimp my Daydream headset

I wanted for a long time get the device Camera live stream in my VR environment, I had no real idea for its usage, but I felt it like a good thing. Problem is, the Daydream headset covers the device camera.

Not anymore!

Because I don't have proper tools (I sold everything before moving), I did that without grace, but I succeeded and cut-out a part of the Daydream headset, so the camera is uncovered.

Getting access to the live video of the camera gave me — too much — ideas!

In this example the camera live stream is projected on a static plane and you can watch somewhere else

Next steps

In the next sessions I'll try to:

  • get the headset position in space using either markers inside my apartment or SLAM
  • get the hand/fingers mapping in the VR environment
  • use USB OTG to connect more camera/tracking devices to my phone and use the data in VR

In this example the camera live stream stay fixed on the upper-left corner, so you can see it all the time

I think that in the end the live camera stream won't be shown to the final user.


I'm looking for any kind of sponsorship, let it be hardware loan or money.
Because as an individual, it can be quite expensive to get some hardware to experiment things.