October 1, 2014


Buy and Sell without any problem

Budeal is a mobile application for classified ads. It adds a social aspect that did not exist, it uses a Facebook connect, so you can see the relation existing between the seller and you (friend, friend of friends). Thanks to that you could buy safely.

My role

I developed both iOS and Android app, it was using Parse.com and the search part — that was the heart of the user experience — was powered by Algolia. Thanks to Algolia we were able to get a very good user experience (very reactive) and a great number of feature (geolocation filter, price filter, friends relation)

Budeal has been selected by NUMA (french accelerator) and so with Stéphane Perrin and Damien Balada we participated to NUMA Sprint season 7.

Design by Damien Balada

The project is closed

See a video: peertube.nogafa.org/videos/watch/2c68638b-e33a-4599-aed5-b2352bc96ca4