January 1, 2011


Startup week-end for friends

Week-end do(s) were startup week-end with friends.

It is very similar to the now well known Startup week-end, but there is only one team, so the choice of the project is voted upstream.

People who gather for that week-end are friends and friends of friends, skills are multiples (video editor, developer, designer, product manager, etc.)

How it worked in details:

  • Thursday evening: everyone meets in a bar to pitch his/her idea, then a vote designates the best project, the winner becomes the team leader
  • Preliminary duties are defined by the project leader according to each person skills
  • Friday evening: it starts with the first evening of work
  • Saturday: breakfast, lunch, we keep a very good and casual atmosphere, and then follows an evening of intense work
  • Sunday: lunch, video game battle. We put the project online, if the project is not finished on Sunday, we vote for the extension (on our personal time)

List of projects born:

  • Le bon tris: Website to help find points of deposit for non-daily waste, using Paris open data
  • Squarechat: Geo-located and anonymous group chats (your avatar was a colored square) iOS / Android App
  • Bouquinez: Web platform to create a personal library for book and DVD with loan management to your friends

Note: Weekend do then gave birth to the collective We Heart Projects

My role

Creation of weekend do (4 editions), developer, and also often cook and host

The project is closed